Welcome to my website. My co-author and I have almost completed the second book in our trilogy based on life in Scotland in the early 18th century.  Albert Marsolais is a brilliant retired Canadian scientist. Our first book was "The Convenient," a term used to  a mistress or kept woman during our timeline.  We alternated writing chapters using two voices and styles. My voice is  that of Elspeth MacLeod, a woman physician, fully trained in European universities, but unable to practice in Scotland because she is a woman. A proto-feminist if you will. She is determined to change things.

The male voice is written by Albert Marsolais, my co-author, who speaks for Malcolm Forrester, a physician from Edinburgh who is deeply involved in the new scientific view of medicine just beginning to gain credence. Malcolm and Elspeth meet in Torrport and become entangled in a web of murder, smuggling and politics.  It was great fun to create. 

Our second book, "Skyehag" takes Malcolm and Elspeth into the world of witchcraft in Scotland. 

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