Finding Torrport 

by Albert Marsolais

Torrport is a virtual world we created as we wrote The Convenient and Jocki MacTavish. We are working on an even larger virtual world in Open Sim at Kitely, to write our upcoming novel Skyehag. You are welcome to visit Torrport in person and walk around to experience Torrport as we did when we wrote. Here is how to do it:

  • You will need a mid-range and higher computer with decent graphics for this to work.

  • Then you need to download a viewer. It is software for your computer. We recommend Firestorm There are versions for Windows, Apple and Linux.  The viewer is free. There is a wiki to help you learn to use the Viewer here:

  • Once you have installed Firestorm Viewer, go to to register on the Kitely Grid. When you do so  you will be asked to choose a name and a password.  Be sure to write down your choices and keep them in a safe place so you will be able to return whenever you wish.

  • Then use the info with your avatar name and password, and grid name from the drop-down list to log in to Kitely using your Firestorm Viewer.

  • You will arrive at a welcome area where you will select an avatar to wear. Choose whatever form appeals to you and don’t worry if you look a bit silly, it can be changed later. At the time of writing, you could get free housing there too. Ask anyone you meet and join the chat groups and take lots of freebies.

  • Wander around and get used to the basics of the viewer. You can even fly here! If you have never experienced a virtual world you will be amazed.

  • Here is how to find Torrport: Find the Search button. It looks like a magnifying glass at the bottom of the viewer. Click on it then select the Places tab. Enter the search term “Torrport” and search. There will be one result: Torrport, Scotland. Click the Teleport button on the bottom of the listing. You will arrive at the Torrport Landing Zone. You are free to wander around as you wish. Have fun and if you fall in the water, well you must select Fly to get out…grins.

  • Enjoy your stay and feel free to ask questions.